Saturday, October 13, 2012


When thinking of our future
All of us have changed, wow
This is not want I imagined
My favorite part is gone now

I see the hate for who I am
I know you're not the only one
But still I accept you
How does hate make you right
All you want is a fight

The pictures of before
Just keep flashing past me
I don't know how to stop wishing
That this change went missing

You did not plan this
I just can't take it
Your love has vanished
Mine is weakened
I feel like you've been taken

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day to Day

I'm shattered
but not broken
I'm wounded
but I'm free

I've been on trial
and found forgiven
theres still a mess
waiting inside me

to be cleaned
and clear of fault
move forward
but guilt wont let me

the pain still fresh
from time lost
time I'm still losing
from those I love

who have not seen
what I have seen
I beg for them to be free
without the burden

from this guilt
that still plagues me
day to day

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Story

How do I express
The pain
When it’s hopeless
You ask me how I feel
“I’m fine”
To tell the truth
Could it help anyway?
What would you do,
If you only knew:

Every blink is a tear
Every smile is a wish
I hope the pain will disappear
So when I feel fine
I’m surviving

I can eat without pain
And run free
Dream of a future
With a family
The changes in my life
Have brought me hope
So now you know:

Every hurt is for others
Every cry is because I feel great
So when I feel good
I’m living!

The reality has changed
Ignorance is not bliss
Hope is for everyone
I choose wellness

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Missing You

I wanna go
To that place we used to be
Best friends caring
About boys, work & parties

This space between us
Hurts like hell
Why did we let it get this far
I wish you well

I ask how your doing
I hear it's all fine
Hoping that that I'd hear
You miss me all the time

I stay away
cuz maybe it's just done
But the pain, regret & hurt
Won't let me move on

I wanna make this right
I wanna turn back time
But even writing this
I know we'll go living this lie

Like everything is ok
But I miss you
that void is not filled
I just miss you

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Fight

sometimes I want to quit
and not care anymore
this battle inside me
is breaking my core

to carry on everyday
like nothing is wrong
trying to forget
and still stay strong

then in one minute
my world can shatter
someone dies and I act
like nothings the matter

alone in my bed
I lay down to cry
wondering why it's not me
why did they die

forgetting is easier
then living in pain
when I can't understand
something I can't explain

but still I fight
for the ones I love
I can't give up
they help me rise above

the fear I feel
it goes away
as I think of them
then I'm ok

I Don't Want To Be Weak

I don't want to be weak
but all put together
I just want to be strong
nothing like a flower

beautiful for a time
then thrown away
I need to feel strong
not half ok

but lying here sick
I'm losing control
of emotions I lock up
and pretend I don't know


they tell me to shut up
they say it's illegal
to share my story
to tell the truth.

they poison the sick,
kill the innocent
all for the money
and ulterior motives.

my experience baffles their theories
threatens their way of life,
but it doesn't change the way they think
it doesn't change the way they act.

so ignore the needless pain you cause everyday
and keep killing the ones you have sworn to not harm,
so supplements can't CURE and drugs can?
then why doesn't it work out just like you planned.

water for dehydration
vitamin C for scurvy
so arrest me for what I just wrote
because it's illegal, right?

it's still the truth
and no matter what you do
for the people who think for themselves
your plans will fail